Monday, May 11, 2009

How To Segment an Orange

Perfect citrus segments for garnishes, salads, slaws, or just for easy eating without the annoying stringy stuff.

Start by slicing off both ends of the orange. This will give you a solid, sturdy base to work with, plus you'll need to peel it anyway.

Next, place the orange with one of the cut sides down. Using a knife, slice the peel off the orange as close to the flesh as possible. This will remove all of the pith. Work from the top down, angling your knife to follow the curves of the fruit.

Start slicing segments by cutting just to one side of a segment membrane (the white lines). Slice towards the center of the fruit without slicing all the way through.

Now cut out the segment by cutting to the inside of the next membrane. Again, cut towards the center, but this time when you get to the center, twist you knife to release the orange segment.

Continue around the entire orange, cutting on either side of the membrane to release the segments.

Be sure to squeeze out all the juice from the scraps that remain. There's a lot in there!

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